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Cercle de Femmes / Women Circle

  • 220 dirhams marocains
  • Oued Tamraght

Description du service

You are invited to experience the natural high of the full moon by moving your body however she needs to move in a safe space that supports your free personal expression. This event is intended as a dance journey…an active meditation that allows you to move from the inside out. Move as you feel to express whatever sensations, feelings and emotions are evoked by the music to free your body of whatever she is holding to promote wellness and joy. Bring a bottle of water, wear clothes you can move in and arrive on time as numbers are capped so we have the space we need to move and late comers won’t be permitted so as not to disturb the process once we start.

Séances à venir


  • Kalananda Yoga Studio, Tamraght, Maroc

    +212 661 368 004

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